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Sweater Design


Green & White

This sweater was a hodge podge.  The sleeves had been knit for another sweater and I changed my mind.  What to do with an extra pair of sleeves?  Why knit a sweater for them.  Since I knew I could not match the dye lot, I chose the dark green.

I added some green to the cuff area and what small amount of yarn I had I made the collar to tie in everything.  I was fairly new to knitting when I made this sweater which is more than 10 years old now.  It was one of my first lace designs and I didn't know how to continue a pattern.  Hence all the st.st. even if it is under the arm, today I would not leave the pattern like this.

This was the lace pattern used for Queen Elizabeth's knitted stockings.  With my love of the Reniassance, I had to try this lace stitch.