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Jayne's Hat Design

Jayne's Hat from Firefly the TV series by Joss Weldon

Another Jayne's Hat Design

Because you cannot have too many Jayne's Hats

My kids asked for this hat almost as soon as they saw it in the episode "The Message".  The simple fact that we find out that big tough Jayne, sends money home to his mom and his mom knits him a hat and he wants to wear it shows an endearing side to this Bad Boy.

So, I searched the web to see what others have done, and there are a number of knitting sites that have this hat, but none were exactly what I wanted, so here is my take on the hat.   I am happy with the way it came out and it didn't take very long.

I used a cheap acrylic yarn from Michael's.  I used double pointed and circular bamboo needles US#7 (16") and a crochet hook.



Gauge = 4stitches per inch

3 skeins one of each color (can make multiple hats)


Measure the head circumference of the person you are making the hat for.  In my case the measurement was 21" with the #7 needles I cast on 84stitiches in orange.  When you join the row on circular needles you must make sure you do not have a twist of the stitches. 

Rib (K1P1) for 3 rows.  I may make this a little more since it was only about .5" in height. 

Then knit all rounds for about 3" total of the orange.

Join the yellow and continue knit till the yellow part measures 3".  Start decreases.  I placed markers every 12 stitches.  I K2together(decrease 1) at the begriming of each marker.  At some point the stitches are too few and you must change over to double point needles.  continue working in the round and working decreases until you have 6 stitches left.  At some point you will drop the markers but continue to make the decreases until 6 stitches remain.  Join all these stitches with a bit of yarn and tuck it into the hat.


I cut a piece of box into a rectangle 3" in width. (anything stiff will do)   With each of the 3 colors, I wrapped the yarn around the paper 25 times each.  Pull off the yarn and wrap another string of yarn around the middle and tie it very tightly.  You will now have two thick loops at either end.  Cut the loops and fluff.  Attach the pompom to the hat via the hole at the top and with a needle or crochet hook weave the loose ends of the string of yard (that is holding the pompom together).  Your pompom will be anchored securely to the top of the hat.

Ear Flaps:

To make the flaps I knit 21 stitches with the red yarn up under the rib section.  This way the flaps are under the edge of the hat.  I knit back and forth (standard knitting = knit on the right side and purl on the backside) till the flap reaches the chin of the person you are making the hat for.  (about 4" in my case).  Start decreases of K2together at each edge (a decrease of 2 stitches each row)  I P2together on the wrong side rows.  Once reaching 3 stitches.  I bound off the first stitch.  2 stitches left I knit the first stitch and held a big loop of yarn in my fingers and knit the 2nd st.  bind off the first stitch. 1 stitch left.  Cut the yarn with a good tail of 7 or more inches.  Thread this through the final loop.  You will now have the end of that yarn 7" and a big loop of yarn.  Cut the loop and tie these together with the 7" yarn and make a knot.  Leave these 3 strands for the weird dangles that Jayne's Ma left.

You are finished!